The heavy snow in Tokyo

Hello everyone.
Have you ever seen snow?
Last Saturday, we had an extraordinary heavy snowfall in Tokyo.
In winter, we have a lot of snow in the northern areas and mountainous areas in Japan.
But such heavy snow is very unusual. This was the heaviest snowfall in 45 years in Tokyo.
A heavy snow is unpleasant for many people, because it causes a lot of trouble for traffic and every day activities. In our school, classes were called off and students were sent home earlier than usual. On Monday, we had to remove snow from the school yard. However children looked very happy having snowball fights and making ”YUKIDARUMA (Japanese snowmen)”.
I heard that there were floods in Europe and a very cold wave hit the USA. I think that abnormal weather is occurring all over the world. It may be influence of global warming.
How about the weather in Ghana?

P1080951 P1080954 P1080934 P1080972 P1080980

5 thoughts on “The heavy snow in Tokyo

  1. Wow! that sounds horrible :-(. But on the other hand, building YUKIDARUMA sounds like you had a lot of fun with the snow and it seems like you had a turn of events. However, in Ghana we have only two seasons : the dry season and the rainy season and we’ve never had snow before if we do it would be very amazing and drastic. Hope you have a lot of fun.

  2. The weather in Ghana is as hot as usual but since its the dry season it gets a bit cold at night. It never snows in Ghana but it would be amazing if it did you seem to be having a lot of fun with the snow even though its cold!!

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