Students’ questionaire 1

What do children in Ghana enjoy playing?
In Japan, children often play soccer, baseball, and video games.

-In Ghana, soccer is the most common sport. As you may know, the Ghanaian soccer team is one of the best in the world. They are called the Black Stars.

What are festivals like in Ghana?
In Japan, festivals are held in each season, and stalls selling apple candy, cotton candy, french fries, shaved ice “Kakigo-ri”, fried noodle, and many more food. They are very delicious! In Summer festival, we enjoy fireworks. They are very very beautiful!

-In Ghana, there are many festivals. There are many tribes in Ghana which celebrate different festivals like the Ewe’s who celebrate “Hogbetsotso”, the Ga’s who celebrate “Homowo” and the Akan’s who celebrate “Odwira” festival.

I know that cacao beans are famous in Ghana. Are there any dishes using cacao beans?
Japan doesn’t have cacao trees, so I don’t know much about cacao beans.
Japan is famous for rice. We grow rice in many places and there are many kinds of rice.

-The cocoa grown in Ghana is one of the things that makes Ghana famous, even though we also grow rice. We export the cocoa to many different countries which use it to produce chocolates and other things. In Ghana, we also make chocolate drinks and chocolate spread and beverages from cocoa.

Are there many students wearing glasses?
In Japan, many people have weak eyes and wear glasses. For example, about 50% of the students in my class wear glasses. Some wear glasses only during the class, but most of them always wear it.

-Quite a number of students in school were glasses but they are not up to 50% of the school. maybe about 25% or 30%.

What image do you have about Japan?
My image of Ghana is that people plant cacao beans to make chocolate, because we have a chocolate named “Ghana Chocolate” in Japan. Also, we imagine beautiful views and wild animals in the nature.

-In our school we have the Japanese flag lifted high right next to the Ghana flag to represent the unique relationship between Ghana and Japan.


4 thoughts on “Students’ questionaire 1

  1. Here in Haruhigaoka, students are having a term exam from coming Monday.
    The weather is getting chilly, today’s temperature was 10 degress celsius max. In the morning, we can see frost on the ground. I wonder how it is in Ghana.

    I’m looking forward to hearing from you, TIS students!
    Taro Okai,
    Teacher, Haruhigaoka Junior highschool

  2. We just finished our exams but students are still completing their coursework and catching up with school work.
    Ghana is hot. Even now, as I write, the sun is burning my face :). It doesn’t really get so chilly in Ghana. When it rains, it gets a bit cold but that’s just how far it gets.

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