Exhibition of Railfan Club

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      Hello.   I am a member of Railfan Club of Kogyokusha.

At the school festival, we exhibited the train model that I shawed you by Skype in June. 50 members of our club made a large diorama of 1/150 scale. All exhibited buildings were handmade. A real train of the model is operated in fact about 75km away from Tokyo.

   What are trains like in Ghana?



2 thoughts on “Exhibition of Railfan Club

  1. Hi Tatsuya,

    Your trains are so beautiful. My father worked in a train company for 40 years in Brazil. We use train as a mode of transport for goods between the states. I am the CAS coordinator in TIS and I am from Brazil. Very impressed with your hand made trains. What did you used to make this project?

    Surama King (Mrs.)

  2. Hi,Mrs.King.

    This model train is a product in Japan, but roads,railways and buildings are made by ourselves.
    For example, look at the houses made of paper. Firstly,we cut paper and put together. Then paint houses in various colors. We replace this layout every year. By the way, do you exhibit like this layout?

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