Kogyokusha School Festival


From last Saturday to Sunday,the school festival of Kogyokusha was held.

The main gate arch

Last Sunday, it was heavy rain. But about 10,000 people visited our school in the two days.





A concert by Brass Band Club

They played Disney film musics.




An exhibition by Art Club





A miniature of our school building

It,s all made by LEGO brick.





A tournament of KENDO

Kendo is one of Japanese traditional sports like fencing.



An exhibition by Railfan Club






They made a miniature of Japanese railway.





dance show


16 thoughts on “Kogyokusha School Festival

    • Yeah so we have a creative arts festival every year called Expression. the orchestra performs, we give an art exhibition and we explore the different of expressing ourselves through dance,music and art. Also , we make things like Ostrich eggs,bead wear,T-shirts and other stuff to sell for community service on that day.

  1. Hi everyone, My name is Mrs. Surama King, I am the CAS coordinator for TIS. I am in love with your blog. Well done to all of you. TIS and Kogyokusha School .

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