our great master Makoto Kondo


Hello.I would like to give
you a brief history of our school.
Our school,Kogyokusha was founded by Mr.Makoto Kondo in 1863,Who used to be a
Samurai and later became one of the greatest educators in Japan.
Since Japan is surrounded by waters,Mr.Kondo believed that subjects such as oceanography and sailing navlgation should be taught to the young in order to reinforce and industrialize Japan.Therefore,Kogyokusha started its history as a naval academy.We have many alumni who contributed toward developing the foundation of Japanese Navy, Various kinds of trading businesses and ship building industries.

After World War II,Kogyokusha restarted as an academic boys school,but we still remember the patriotic and outgoing spirit Mr.Kondo insisted we should have. We’ll celebrate the 150th anniversary next year.


14 thoughts on “our great master Makoto Kondo

  1. Your school history seems cool. Quite soon we are going to blog about our school history and how we were founded. You guys say that next year you are having your 150th anniversary next year but we are having our 10th anniversary next year.

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